Organisational Approach

Organisational approach

A Different Kind of Organisation

We have been lucky to have been guided by board members with both theoretical and practical management expertise to create a unique approach at Doc Society.

From the start, our senior leadership bench have all been equal board members.

Today our five leaders are either female or gender queer identified and share executive power. Together we share legal, financial and strategic decision making responsibility for the organisation together.

The directors coordinate a team of 28 brilliant humans based in nine countries. You can meet them all here.


We have been guided by agile models. Individuals exercise a great deal of autonomy. We avoid internal silos, act as one team, help each other out wherever needed. This enables us to be reactive and move fast.


We continue to make every effort to build a team that is inclusive of different backgrounds and experiences. Where people can be themselves and enhance each others understanding of the world. We recognise this requires constant examination of every process from hiring to internal culture.


Our team must be accountable to each other as well as the filmmakers and communities we serve. The team have developed an accountability approach to make it easier to give and receive feedback from each other’s use of language and other behaviour.

Find out more about our philosophy and ethics here.

Remote First

Since the pandemic, Doc Society has become remote first and this has enabled the team to be more geographically dispersed as well as inviting new members to join us. Doc Society now has members in the UK, US, Netherlands, Kenya, Colombia, Mexico, Belgium and Australia. London is home to the biggest slice of the team - and there we are part of the 180 Strand creative working community

Federated Structure

Doc Society is structured across 5 different legal entities in 4 countries (US, UK, Netherlands + Australia) all sharing the same name and mission. They enable our flexibility in receiving and dispensing funding.


Doc Society has a total of 21 non-executive directors. They are an incredibly impressive group of advisors who enable us to grapple with complex internal and external issues with confidence. If you know any of our board, feel free to reach out to them for their insights. Or if you would like to be put in touch with someone, just let us know.

Board Members

  • Anu Henriques

  • Anurima Bhargava
    Chair of the Board

  • Dilhani Wijeyesekera

  • Fatima Ibrahim

  • Heather Grady
    Board Member

  • Kat Craig
    Chair of the Board

  • Katharine Wilkinson
    Board Member

  • Keri Putnam
    Board Member

  • Mandy Chang
    Non-executive Board Member - Doc Society Foundation Board

  • Mathieu Ajan

  • Oliver Rivers
    Chair, Non-executive Board Member - Doc Society Foundation Board & Stichting

  • Paul van Zyl
    Non-executive Board Member - Doc Society Foundation Board

  • Peter Noorlander

  • Rob Berkeley
    Chair of the Board

  • Ruby Chen
    Non-executive Board Member - Doc Society Foundation Board

  • Sameer Padania
    Non-executive Board Member - Doc Society Foundation Board

  • Stephen Dunbar-Johnson

  • Twiggy Pucci Garcon
    Board Member

  • Vince Warren
    Board Member

  • Yvette J. Alberdingk Thijm
    Non-executive Board Member

Income and Funders

Across all entities, Doc Society has an annual income of around $9,000,000 We currently have 29 different funders. Our top three by size are:

Ford Foundation consistent support since 2011, including through the BUILD programme

British Film Institute their delegate partner in documentary since 2018.

IKEA Foundation recently become a major supporter of our climate work