New Perspectives
Seed Fund

Doc Society's New Perspectives seed fund is an international film fund supporting the development of documentary features on issues of social justice, driven by filmmakers who exhibit a unique perspective granted by their connection to the community or issue at hand.

We know that making a film requires that first leap of faith. For you to take a chance on your story, and for someone to take a chance on you. This fund encourages that spirit.

We are at a time where perspective is key to capture the truth of a story. We love supporting documentary film that ignites passion and creates real impact in audiences. We also recognize it's incredibly difficult to get started. Doc Society is excited to launch the New Perspectives Seed Fund to support the development of non-fiction projects by filmmakers around the world.

Applications are now closed

We are particularly looking for filmmakers who offer a rare insight of the often underrepresented and overlooked; who see more than what's being shown in the common zeitgeist. We're looking for those stories that break barriers and explore nuance over polarity.

And when we say global we mean global - from London to Dallas, Charleston to Taipei, Missoula to Nairobi. We want to hear from you and support your story no matter where you are from.

Funding and Mentorship

We will be providing more consistent, deeper support for filmmakers through this fund. From developing their creative approach, to casting characters, to advising on additional funding opportunities - we will be mentoring filmmakers on both the development and the progress of their project. In addition to supporting established filmmakers we will be empowering the next generation of non-fiction storytellers to be brave and curious in pursuing the stories they seek to tell.

We are dedicated to supporting diversity across gender, sexuality, race, regions, mixed-abilities and class. Talent from non-filmmaking communities are encouraged to apply. This is an open call for filmmakers across the globe - whether you're in a major city or a small town. We are looking for documentary pioneers eager to share their perspective of the world around them.


Directors from anywhere around the world, of any level of experience

What we can support

Films around issues of social justice and equity
Early Shooting
Editing selects

We don't fund

Art Films
Films in mid-production
Current Affairs

To remember:

Applications for this fund closed on Nov 1st

Grantees will be notified by the beginning of 2020

All Grants are offered with a mentorship component from Doc Society's Film and Impact teams

This is strictly a development fund.

Grants are non recoupable from $5,000 to $20,000 with all rights retained by the filmmaker