The Chosen Ones


Arman Yeritsyan


Impact campaign support


A group of solitarily elderly individuals, neglected by society, find unity in an amateur dance troupe and prove to the world through their performances that they still have dreams of love, hopes for the future, and can amaze audience with their spirits.

Long Film Synopsis

Mikhail, in his 80’s, has buried himself alive in the tons of garbage that he has gathered from the streets over the last 15 years. Hovsep, in his 70’s, is so greedy with his possessions that he doesn’t want to share his apartment even with a wife. Anahit, in her 60’s, lives in an empty apartment with the souls of her 8 children and husband.

There are 15 of them. Solitary, needy and neglected by society. There are two things that keep them together – dinners at the soup kitchen and their performances…

They had never danced; they didn’t think that they could ever dance. But, after 2 years of rehearsals, they already dance on stages in front of hundreds. Even though they are not great dancers, “The Chosen Ones” have won audiences all over the country with their childish energy and elderly naivety. They seem extremely happy when they dance, but clumsy moves hide the loneliness and personal drama they are trying to overcome.

Each performance they have may be the last one, yet they are full of aspirations to be the first and the best. Dance and friendship have changed the lives of all “The Chosen Ones”, they have found a new passion and a reason to live.

Through the stories of “The Chosen Ones’ the film will show that at any moment in life, no matter what hardships an individual has faced, there is al­ways a chance to turn it all around, still dream, amaze and wonder!

Outreach Work Supported

Screenings and discussions around social welfare of elderly in Armenia.