Steal This Film II


Jamie King


Production support


Professor and activist Jamie King has become a figurehead for the opposition in the war against file sharing.

Steal This Film II explains how and why the war has been lost and the huge potential of new avenues of grassroots distribution, file-sharing and piracy that fly in the face of the old established Hollywood models. The team behind the film, or the League of Noble Peers as they are known, intended the film as a rallying call to 'bring new people into the leagues of those now prepared to think creatively about the future of distribution, production and creativity'.

In line with the film's polemical argument, Steal This Film II is only available to view via free download. In the first 48 hours alone, over 150,000 people had downloaded it. 4 months on, that number had risen to 650,000 and it keeps on growing.