Ashley Jones


David Bond


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Went to Good Pitch


Filmmaker DAVID BOND becomes the Marketing Director for Nature. Too much time indoors makes children fat, depressed and out of control, yet children go out less and less. Can David market the outdoors – a free, wonder-product – to apathetic consumers, and to his own family? Or is it too late to sell Nature?.

Filmmaker DAVID BOND thinks Mother Nature needs a helping hand in getting his children’s attention away from the powerful competing demands of the modern world. With no previous marketing experience, he decides to appoint himself the Marketing Director for Nature. Enlisting the help of marketing experts, he sets out to convince apathetic consumers, including his own family, of the benefits of this amazing, free, wonder product. David is no branding expert, but how hard can it be? With zero budget, can nature compete with global super-brands? David’s journey takes him from elation to despair as he untangles the complex web of agendas, fears, policies and habits that disconnect us all from the natural environment.

Outreach Campaign Supported

The Wild Network, is a people powered movement who believe in a free-range, nature rich, outdoor childhood and the enormous benefits of time spent outside: Wild Time. We were born on the back of the film Project Wild Thing . We exist to Re-wild childhood, because today - despite all of our modern progress - kids are spending less and less time outside. Many are growing up in congested, polluted, urban environments, bombarded with advertising and shiny technology and living increasingly sedentary lifestyles.

Our Wild Time for Schools program is looking to tackle the specific issue around lack of outdoor learning and an increasingly nature starved curriculum in schools in the UK.

The outreach campaign which the Connect Grant is supporting is focussed on landing a school film package and the new Wild Time for Schools outdoor learning platform into 200 schools in the South West for a full beta test.

The ambition is to create regular outdoor learning habits with teachers and children as well as gathering evidence of the outdoor learning benefits to children.

The film is a powerful tool to engage teachers, children and parents in the issues. The platform is a way to help them take action immediately and build their own capability to use the outdoors as a classroom.