One Mile Away


Penny Woolcock


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Inner cities are little war zones in which small wars are fought. Gangs of young men stab and shoot each other for straying into the wrong postcode. But now, two gang leaders want to make peace. Will they succeed or fail?

Long Synopsis

This film will focus on two extraordinary characters from two rival gangs. They have decided it is time to end the violence. This is not a film about youth workers, police or outsiders. This is up close to the young men who are right at the heart of British gang violence and who wish to change things from the inside out. No one knows how their project will evolve. Will they manage to put a stop to the killing or will entrenched tribalism defeat them?

Those in their late twenties are generally tired of fighting and more open to peace, but they will need to persuade the other gang members. Whatever happens, with an exceptional filmmaker like Penny at the centre of it, it will be a vivid and moving portrait of young men coming to terms with the damage they've done and trying to find new meaning in their lives. But, more remarkably, it is a chance to change what is going on.

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