My Kidnapper


Mark Henderson, Kate Horne


Production support


In 2003 Mark Henderson was one of eight backpackers taken hostage by Marxist guerrillas while trekking in the Colombian jungle. What had started as an innocent tourist adventure, ended up as 101 terrifying days of captivity and uncertainty about his future.

Long Synopsis

Eleven months after his release Mark received an email from Antonio, one of his kidnappers, and one of the other hostages received a Facebook friend request from Antonio’s girlfriend, another of their captors. What followed was a five year correspondence that eventually drew Mark back to the one part of the world he thought he’d never see again.

My Kidnapper follows Mark and three of his fellow hostages as they return to the Sierra Nevada mountains in northern Colombia, the place where they lived out their worst nightmares. As they travel deeper into the jungle they discover the truth behind what happened to them, understand more about how they all dealt with the ordeal and eventually come face to face with their kidnappers.

My Kidnapper is a deeply personal film that explores a kidnapping, from both sides. Directed by Mark Henderson and Kate Horne and produced by Renegade Pictures (The Yes Men Fix the World, Boys from Baghdad and The Shock Doctrine).