Look at my India

Pramod Mathur


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Again and again, as I travelled across India, I have seen abject poverty and compulsions that have induced a kind of fate with no choices in the hands of people. I cannot forget them.

Long Synopsis

That is what this film is about --- people who have stayed with me in my mind. I have always had this undying thirst to know what happened to their lives. I want to break down this incomprehensible puzzle of reality into simple stories of people. I want to re-visit protagonists of my earlier films and see how life has treated them...a girl who became mother at the tender age of maybe 13-14 years...women who were ready to lay down their lives to save the Himalaya and who hate the worthless cameras and cameramen who come to shoot their story of courage...

It is a wish to take my son, a fledgling independent film-maker, along with me on this journey. In terms of experienced reality, he knows little, if at all, of how more than 50% of India lives. He has more in common with the global world of Facebook, Youtube and Kurt Cobain. Suffice to say, he is not insensitive.

I see my film having many layers and stories knit into one. As my son travels with me, there are questions and conversations about life, reality, justice, democracy, latent feudalism, re-birth, the Hindu concept of fate, while we proceed in search of people in a specific location. Are you interested in this story of India?