Kashmir: Beyond the Line of Control

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy


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Kashmir: Beyond the Line of Control chronicles the lives of 6 children who live in villages along the Kashmir border in Pakistan. A comprehensive study of their lives as they transition from childhood to adolescence, Beyond the Line of Control follows them as they realize that they are being groomed for a war against an ill defined sensationalized enemy.

Long Synopsis

Set in the breathtaking valleys of Kashmir, ‘Beyond the Line of Control’ will be an observational documentary focusing on the lives of Kashmiri children based in villages along the Line of Control; a contested border shared between India and Pakistan. What was established as a temporary border has now become a source of contention between the two nations. Three generations of Indians and Pakistanis have grown up with a media, political and educational system that is laced with the rhetoric of hate and has successfully polarized the two populations around this issue. Pakistan and India have fought three wars over Kashmir and reports of regular skirmishes highlight the perpetual nature of conflict that overshadows the Kashmir debate. Regardless of the fact that over 90% of both Indians and Pakistanis have never traveled to the Kashmir valley, this issue holds an emotional validity that exists regardless of the actual relevance and significance of this contested region.

‘Beyond the Line of Control’ will follow six children over a 2 period, during which time they come to terms with the dense political environment that defines their identity as Kashmiri’s and Pakistani’s. It will document their lives as they grow towards realizing and altering their dreams within the challenging circumstances in the region. Each child will narrate a story that will highlight a struggle in the course of each character’s development. The crux of the film will focus around the situations and circumstances that have resulted in the views and outlooks held by these children.