Here's Johnny


Adam Lavis, Kat Mansoor and Will Hood


Production support


Here's Johnny enters the surreal world of famous graphic artist Johnny Hicklenton, who is battling against Multiple Sclerosis. Living in an increasing state of immobility and frustration, Johnny escapes the confines of his front room through his artwork. Through the expression of his brilliant and sometimes troubled imagination we learn about the disease that he cannot escape from.

Long Synopsis

The documentary follows the last seven years of Johnny's life since he was diagnosed with MS, a moving expression of his thoughts, feelings and artistic interpretations of key moments whilst fighting the disease. He is funny, philosophical and creative in his exposition. Johnny tries numerous kinds of treatments which are often bizarre and unsolicited, including the use of powder used to help the muscle tone of competition horses, electronic pads which create harsh spasms in his muscles, and Svengolin, which is the liquid form of the myelin sheath of a cow.

Here's Johnny presents Multiple Sclerosis through the eyes, words and images of one of the most inspiring artists of his generation. He is an incredible man, and despite his ever-worsening disability is now drawing for Judge Dredd, to be launched for Dredd's 30th anniversary. For Johnny, to draw is to live. Here's Johnny documents this amazing man's journey.