GITI - The Paradise of the Hell

Yves Montand Niyongabo


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GITI is a district zone of the Northern province of Rwanda, a country in the heart of Africa. The history of the country is vast than the country itself, mostly known for the tragic history of the 1994 Tutsis genocide, where estimated one millions victims, were slaughtered in only a hundred days. During 1994, the whole country became a bloodbath and the genocide took place at all scope of the country except in GITI DISTRICT.

GITI, with its 450,000 population was, during the 1994 Tutsis genocide, the only place in Rwanda where the genocide didn’t take place and remained the only sure and safe place for relief.

While other population from neighboring zones, on the request of the government, were betraying and killing their friends, neighbors and relatives from different ethnics groups, the population from GITI zone kept their cold blood and didn’t respond to any government’s militias call to participate or get involved in the genocide.

Among many others living in that place, the project centers on four characters – SHYAKA, a 65 year old traditional music player and who, from his GITI zone home village observed everything that was happening during the 1994 genocide - CAMILLE a 22 year old student at university, who was 4 years old during the genocide, SANO a teen boy shortly born after the genocide and SANGWA a 59 year old villager potter and poet.

This is story of a region, and its outstanding people and their unique experiences.

The annual national commemoration-mourning week, when the rest of the country cries for theirs lost during the genocide, people from GITI’s feelings creates a personal point of view perspective.

Through the connection of their culture and the history, the four characters asserts to gain their confidence and dreams for the future from their past brave history and expresses their personal and individual hopes, regrets and neglects.