Generation Food


Steve James


Development support


How will we eat in the twenty first century? Fifty years of panic and false solutions have put over a billion people below the breadline and swelled a billion waistlines. There are many hidden and practical successes that we need to know if we are, together, to feed the world. But what are they, where are they? This is a journey, a quest to find that solution.

Long Synopsis

We want to fix the world’s food system. We’ll explore how to do that with unexpected stories from unlikely people discovering unbounded ways to feed the planet. Raj Patel’s forthcoming book, GENERATION FOOD, takes a global look at how different generations are caring for one another over a shared table, making sure that there’s enough good food for everyone. Like the book, the documentary project will chronicle the complex and contradictory journey to find sustainable solutions to feed the world. Bringing together Steve James’ unmatched storytelling skills and Raj Patel’s knowledge of the food system, we’ll produce a documentary about solutions to fix the worlds’ problems that informs, surprises, entertains and inspires. By the end of the film, the audience will wonder not ‘what can I do?’, but ‘when can we start?’