The Climate Story Unit supports transformative storytelling to advance a climate just and biodiverse future.

"The climate movement urgently needs the participation of artists too. I welcome Doc Society’s new initiative to bring together storytellers and practitioners in solidarity to imagine a more climate safe and just future."

Mary Robinson, Former President of Ireland

The Climate Story Labs is a series of locally organized convenings to connect storytellers and advocacy communities to accelerate the best climate narratives. Labs are now being hosted by cultural organizers all around the world. For further information on the Labs, including how to start your own, visit
The Climate Story Fund supports stories from around the world with grants up to $100,000 per project. It is open to all mediums, and will support both production and impact campaigns. Learn more at
The Climate Story Kitchen is an experimental space dedicated to creating and launching new projects designed to uplift underrepresented voices in cultural conversation. Past projects include the podcast Mothers of Invention, and Climate Reframe, a platform to elevate the voices of racialized communities in UK media.

For additional resources to support your production and impact campaign needs, check out:

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