From November 2018 the Bertha Doc Society Journalism Fund will go into a 2 year wind down, making sure that all two dozen global films on the slate are supported editorially, legally and financially by both organisations through to launch but only taking on occasional new projects.

We are super grateful to our friends at Bertha for their incredibly productive 8 year working relationship. This was the first ever dedicated documentary journalism fund and the results have exceeded our expectations. We provided early funding and editorial support to brave and agenda-setting films such as The Trial of Ratko Mladic, An Insignificant Man, Virunga, CITIZENFOUR, Hooligan Sparrow, Judgement in Hungary, Look of Silence and many more.

It also led to field-wide initiatives such as the free Safe+Secure project for filmmakers and subject safety.

Find out more about all our other funds on our Funds page, including the BFI Doc Society Fund and New Perspectives Seed Fund