BERTHA Doc Society

The Bertha Doc Society Connect Fund is the first European based outreach and engagement fund and is open to filmmakers from around the world.

As from 2017 Bertha/Doc Society impact support will be administered through the Journalism Fund to existing grantees. This enables us to work in a deeper, more consistent way with filmmakers, funding from development through to production, providing safety and security support and legal advice if needed and and giving impact support to existing grantees where applicable.

Some highlights of the first three years of the fund include:

The Invisible War: early support for influencer screenings on Capitol Hill in February and June 2012 off the back of a high profile Sundance premiere

One Mile Away: creation of an educational pilot around gang issues

No Fire Zone: campaign launch in India and influencer screenings ahead of a UNHRC vote

Unearthed: solar powered film screenings and debates around the Karoo region of South Africa

Judgment in Hungary: influencer screenings in Hungary with judiciary, police and Roma community

Read about some of the case studies and more, and get advice on building your impact campaign with the Impact Field Guide: