Doc Society’s Queer Now Lab

Doc Society and CPH:DOX present Queer Now, a 3-day lab to foster queer filmmakers, nurture their stories, and build community momentum to support impact campaigns and create societal change.

With growing anti-trans movements taking different forms around the globe - from the growing trans exclusionary movement in the UK, to the United States’ ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bills to the rise of White supremacy and far right extremism in Germany - queer rights are being threatened despite years of progress.

We urgently need more stories about and by queer people to be in mainstream consciousness. To create change, we need not just a few stories here and there, but a wave of queer-led films and impact strategies to supplement LGBTQ+ rights movement and reach a variety of audiences globally.

Queer Now aims to respond to this rapidly growing need. We are bringing together voices in filmmaking, community organising, activists, research experts from around the world to reassess this moment of progress/backlash and discuss how we can create narrative shifts to fight for gender queer rights to move forward together.