XR - This Is An Emergency

Dir. Elena Sanchez

Dir. Maia Kenworthy


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Director Elena Sanchez
Director Maia Kenworthy
Producers Kat Mansoor


This is not just another climate change film. We all know why the world needs to change. This is a film about the how, through the radical grassroots group Extinction Rebellion (XR).

‘This is an Emergency’ follows those at the centre of XR, as they try to engage a critical mass and force governments to confront the truth. Through the eyes of the founders and other key figures in XR's story, the film will go deep into the mechanisms and motivations at the heart of the world’s fastest growing climate movement. With intimate access over the last year and a half, this is an inside look into the organisation in flux and its fraught internal dynamics. How do you build a movement and how do you keep it together? How can humility co-exist with the need for pushing forward to make change?

Tackling the global crisis is complex and we are committed to taking audiences on a journey of discovery, through the prism of strong characters. This is a nuanced, psychological and often funny exploration of our personal decisions at a time of crisis.