Who is Dayani Cristal?


Marc Silver


Sundance Cinematography Award

Abu Dhabi Film Festival - Grand Jury Documentary Prize

Cork Film Festival - Audience Award

Amnesty International Awards - Best Documentary

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Director Marc Silver
Completed 2014 Runtime 85



The body of an unidentified immigrant is found in the Arizona Desert. In an attempt to retrace his path and discover his story, director Marc Silver and Gael Garcia Bernal embed themselves among migrant travelers on their own mission to cross the border, providing rare insight into the human stories which are so often ignored in the immigration debate.

Outreach Work Supported

Partnership work with NGO's to help them communicate, educate and advocate around the push and pull factors of migration.


What people
have said

We learn the cruelty of a system of hope in which the longing for a better life is the bait to lure people to an untimely death.

Financial Times

With its compellingly multifaceted approach, its earnest compassion and a celebrity presence in the form of the actor Gael García Bernal, the documentary could be enlisted in the perennial battle over immigration law.

New York Times
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