We Are Many


Amir Amirani


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Director Amir Amirani
Completed 2015 Runtime 100



The story of the biggest peace march in human history. On 15 February 2003, in over 800 cities around the world, 30 million people protested against the planned invasion of Iraq. In telling this remarkable story, We Are Many will harness the passion and political energy of this phenomenal movement as a force for good in giving people a voice.

Long Synopsis

A story with a cast of tens of millions, people acting all over the world - on all seven continents, in 800 cities - to influence political decisions of life and death importance. And it all happened on a single day: February 15, 2003, when so many people marched in so many huge demonstrations against the impending invasion of Iraq.

The sheer size and the utterly international character of February 15th mark it as a new phenomenon in human history. This amazing event could only have happened in the new Millennium, with its transformative technologies and globalized consciousness. And yet, few are aware of the date's significance. Its story remains untold. And, since the war was not stopped, many make the mistake of dismissing what happened as an uninteresting failure.

We Are Many unearths what actually happened on that day and explores its meaning. The film follows the twists and turns of these opposing forces, as the facts were known at the time, as well as what has come to be known since the invasion. The film tells this story through the experience of carefully chosen individuals in a number of countries around the world.

It is a character-driven study of how particular people in several nations responded to the US threat. It draws on extensive research, crowd-sourced archival materials, and a count-down structure to create a riveting narrative that puts national boundaries in a new light. The film has a strong point of view but aligns itself more with anthropology and journalism than polemic, simplification, or celebration.

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A work of beautiful rage.


This impressive doc pieces together the story of the biggest global protest in history.

Time Out

A valuable tribute to protest, it's a film that should be seen by the many.

Radio Times
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