Unveiling Shirin


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Nariman Hamed


A feature length documentary film about the life and works of artist and filmmaker Shirin Neshat that takes us inside Shirin’s world and explores her life and work. The story of her challenge as an Iranian artist,as an Iranian woman artist, an Iranian woman artist living in exile.

Long Synopsis:

“SHIRIN: A Documentary” will explore Neshat’s portrayal of Iranian and Muslim women who are the main subjects of her body of work, revealing a side of Middle Eastern women that has been concealed from the West. Through the eyes of this artist and her work, the film will delve into the complex dynamics of feminine identity in constant struggle with religious and political barriers, shattering simplistic notions of Middle Eastern women as victims. Shirin Neshat, herself, is the finest example of the questions her work poses and this film is an intimate portrait of an individual artist’s life as she navigates through a minefield of politics, prejudices and pre-conceived notions.