Untitled Renewables Film


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Josh Fox


International WOW presents a new documentary film by Oscar nominated and Emmy winning director Josh Fox, UNTITLED RENEWABLES PROJECT (working title) as he investigates what is holding up the world’s transition to renewable energy and seeks out the individuals who will lead the world towards a sustainable future.

Long Synopsis

As the planet runs out of conventional sources of energy, the fossil fuel industries utilize ever more desperate and dangerous methods to extract coal, oil and gas. Mountaintop removal and long wall mining for coal, extreme deep-water drilling for oil, which led to the ecological disaster in history in the Gulf of Mexico and of course, Fracking for natural gas. Each of these techniques is incredibly dangerous both to the citizens in regions that are plundered and to the environment. There exist many alternatives to fossil fuels – wind, solar, geothermal, hydrogen, biomass, algae-based oil and diesel and others. UNTITLED RENEWABLES PROJECT will explore and examine all of the major alternatives, making a positive, solution-based film that does not ignore the downside of each technology. The film, in essence, is a detective story. It is critical that we find out the answer to the question: What is holding us back from a renewable energy future? What obstacles are in the way? Are these technical hurdles that must be surpassed or is there something more insidious in the way? Fossil fuel industries have a powerful grip on our governments, disproportionately influencing our national energy policy. Is the technology holding us back or is it the powerful fossil fuel lobbyists and tons of campaign cash that prevents us from making the critical transition the earth needs if it to sustain the generations to come?