Shaul Schwarz


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Director Shaul Schwarz
Completed 2017 Runtime 108


Africa's endangered species is big business. Heavily armed, American tourists on safari dream to shoot a lion, an elephant or one of the other 'big five', as idealistic environmentalists trying to protect. But the reality is incredibly more complex, is an unpleasant truth that the hardy 'Trophy' reveals a unique journalistic overview. Right from the first scene you have to repeatedly revise one's own view of both big game hunting and patchy human morality. For it is indeed true when South African John Hume claims that he saves his rhinos from poachers by themselves to save their horns? Or when the tearful hunter Phillip Glass says he feels spiritually connected with the animals he kills? The scenes from an arms fair for safari tourists in Las Vegas'll get one's political mind to a boil, but not even here is really as simple as it tries to look like. Instructors Shaul Schwarz ( 'Narco Cultura') and Christina Clusiau has created a film that is much larger than his subject. And it's told, so you sit right on the edge of the chair.

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