The Return of Burma VJ


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Joshua Min Htut


Joshua, the main character of ‘Burma VJ’, has been in exile in London, since the Saffron Revolution. Now things are changing in Burma, and Joshua decides to go home. He must see for himself, how much has really changed in his country. He needs to make sure the world knows.

Long Synopsis

Joshua, an undercover video journalist, is the main character of the Oscar-nominated documentary ‘Burma VJ’. Joshua and his colleagues covered the Saffron revolution in 2007, when the monks marched the streets of Rangoon and made events known to the world. As a result, Joshua became a prime target and had to flee. He has since been in exile in London.

Now things are changing in Burma. Joshua is homesick – for his family and friends, and for his life as a journalist. He dreams of going back and once again show the world, what is really going on in his country. Since Joshua was forced to leave, there has been a major cyclone, a constitutional referendum, an election, and a change of government system, so that Aung San Suu Kyi is now a member of parliament! But how much has really changed? And how different will the country seem to Joshua?

Of course, returning – and perhaps once again unmasking the Burmese government - will come at a price. Joshua has to surrender his status as a political refugee in the UK. It will be like jumping from his safe haven into the lion’s den, as some of his friends argue, but Joshua is determined to go. He has to. He feels a deep need to reunite with his fellow VJ’s, many of which were imprisoned after the 2007 crack down. They have recently been released and Joshua wants to report on their life as a political prisoners.