The Joneses


Moby Longinotto


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Director Moby Longinotto
Completed 2009 Runtime 13


Platinum blonde Jheri Jones lives on a remote trailer park in Pearl, Mississippi - the poorest of US States, home to the Ku Klux Klan and heart of the Bible Belt. Two of her sons, Brad and Trevor, share a 16-wheel mobile home on the all white Biederman trailer park.

Jheri is 69 and would like to retire but can't afford to. She's also looking for a man to share her life - she's had several boyfriends recently but none have lasted. Brad is 40, he suffered brain damage at birth and has been dependant ever since. He doesn't work but tries his best to help out at home and look after the family pets. Trevor is 32 and has had some mental health problems. Since being re-united with Jheri his life has become easier. He works in the local supermarket and is happy to have a job but Trevor pines for love.

Jheri, Brad and Trevor are happy together, life is a struggle but it's simple, except that Jheri has a secret...

Producers: Caroline Spry John Howard Ash Kotak A Faction Films Production