The End of the Line


BIFA nomination - Best Documentary

Sundance nomination - Best World Cinema Documentary

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Rupert Murray
Completed 2009 Runtime 85



If we do nothing, the world's oceans will be empty of fish within our lifetimes. This beautifully-filmed international documentary is a searing investigation of how it happened, who is to blame and what can be done about it.

Long Synopsis

Based on the multi-award winning book by Charles Clover, who also consults on the film, this is the second feature for Rupert Murray. His first, Unknown White Male, was released in cinemas to critical acclaim in the US and UK and short-listed for an Oscar. With Clover's rigorous journalism and Murray's incredibly visual cinematic style this is a winning team.

The film investigates a subject which is about to explode - the depletion of the world's tuna stocks, the destruction of fishing communities, the dire warnings of scientists that have remained largely unheard for so long and the small minority who are struggling to establish sustainable fishing.

What people
have said

This is a documentary that will change the way you think about seafood and give you the power of knowledge to make a change.

Sunday Times

A powerful and troubling indictment of global fishing policies.

The Telegraph
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