The Devil's Lair


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Riaan Hendricks
Completed 2014 Runtime 85


South Africa - a country with strong human rights ideals rooted in the liberation struggle is once again turning its wrath on black African foreign national with acts of violence that are hard to understand.

Long Synopsis:

It's a class reality that National political leadership is out of touch with, and therefore unable to bring about the change needed to affect social justice for the many foreign nationals who make South Africa their home.

What will it take to turn the hearts and minds of a South African who hate the presence of foreigners in their communities to that of being acceptant of them? Who will stand up and articulate the honest silent fears carried by a class of South Africans and capture their will to let go of their weapons, their anger and embrace peaceful co-existence?

This is a story in search of heroes - leaders from the wretched of the earth. Searching for them in the most conflict ridden areas 'affected' by the presence of foreigners where, with conviction, they are engaged in a great battle to capture the heart of their communities as they champion justice for peaceful co-existence.

It's a film that strays away from the political ideologies of a Rainbow Nation and the African Renaissance that's supposed be the reality of its citizens' daily interaction with each other. Instead, it explores the reality of the blood thirsty criminals, their mindset and acts of violence set against the struggles of the poor in their resolve for a better life.

What people
have said

This bold observational film by Riaan Hendricks contains rare and extraordinary footage that’s sure to straddle the line of documentary ethics for some conservative viewers.