The Bengali Detective


Grierson Award - Most Entertaining Documentary

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Philip Cox
Completed 2011 Runtime 100



The secrets of Kolkota’s and London’s Bengali community revealed by overweight dance obsessed intrepid detective Rajesh Ji.

Mixing dance and song with the harsh lives of clients, this originally styled feature documentary provides an entertaining yet poignant look at modern India and its Diasporas through the prism of crime. What happens when a population loses trust in its police and authorities?

Long Synopsis

A new phenomena is happening in India today - the rise of the private detective. Poisonings, adultery, fraud, bridal purity and the occasional murder – such are the day to day investigations of Rajesh Ji. Each client walks through the door carrying a secret fear or suspicion, and all need Rajesh’s help.

This film follows the intrepid detective and his motley band of helpers on 4 selected raids and investigations, both in Kolkota and London, exposing the secrets, fears and covert actions of today’s middle class india.

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A most entertaining documentary about an Indian detective who penetrates an urban world of crime with a sharp eye, keen sense of humor but a heavy heart.

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