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Andrew Kotting
Completed 2012 Runtime 94


Swandown is a poetic film-diary about encounter and culture. It is also an endurance test and pedal-marathon. Andrew Kötting and Iain Sinclair pedalled a plastic swan-shaped pedalo from Hastings to Hackney in East London, via English inland waterways. Andrew’s daughter Eden joined the journey, along with invited guests, including Stewart Lee, Alan Moore, Marcia Farquhar and Dudley Sutton.

The action may in part be seen as an act of ‘dada performance’ or as a response to the spirit of Olympic diversity and ambition. The journey and all that it entails are documented on both film and video and will be presented as a 90-minute feature length experimental documentary.

What people
have said

The sight of these two guys and their great big swan is surreal and funny.


It converts Kötting at a stroke from an acquired taste to a required one.

Financial Times
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