Making the Case, Beatrice Mtetwa and the Rule of Law


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Directors and Producers Lorie Conway, Hopewell Chin Ono & Andrew Meldrum
Completed 2013 Runtime 75


Our film seeks to highlight the importance of the rule of law by focusing on attorney Beatrice Mtetwa’s efforts in Zimbabwe. In spite of beatings by police, she has courageously defended in court those jailed by the Mugabe government - peace activists, journalists, opposition candidates, farmers that had their land confiscated, ordinary citizens that had the courage to speak up. Through interviews with Mtetwa and some of her defendants, we will tell the story of what happens when rulers place themselves above the law and why defense of the rule of law is a crucial step in the building of a civil society. Although Mtetwa’s arena is Zimbabwe, her message and bravery are universal. We hope that the film will spark dialogue and change in Zimbabwe and throughout Africa, while also bringing the story of this inspiring woman to the attention of the rest of the world.

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For Mtetwa, the message of the film is to show that, with enough human courage and will, change is possible. "If all Zimbabweans worked together towards this common goal, this would be achievable within a short space of time,' she says. 'If anyone wants change, they have the obligation to do something to attain that change."

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