The Invisible City [Kakuma]


Lieven Corthouts


Emmy Oost


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Director Lieven Corthouts
Producer Emmy Oost
Completed 2016


The Kakuma refugee camp, built in the middle of the Turkana desert in Kenya, is the fastest growing city in the region. Many of its new arrivals are children sent out of conflict zones by their parents. Against all odds, these children grab every opportunity to rebuild their lives. While waiting for her mother to return from South Sudan, eight-year-old Nyakong starts school. Slowly, she creates a new home in the camp. At the age of 17, teenagers like Claude and Khadijo consequently compete for international scholarships, get jobs and even build their own houses. Can Kakuma really offer a future? Or is it just a waiting room, where the only option is to plan your journey to Europe?

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