Theopi Skarlatos


Paul Mason


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Producer Paul Mason
Director Theopi Skarlatos

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In January 2015 Syriza, a far left party, won the Greek elections. #ThisIsACoup tells the story of how they won, what they did, how they clashed with the global finance system and how it ended. The producers had extraordinary access to leading Syriza politicians through the nightmare of negotiations and compromise. The film records the elation and the despair and documents the lives of real people and communities: on the waterfront, in the countryside, and in tough neighbourhoods of Athens. The extraordinary resilience of the Greek people - in retreat but not defeated - is a key message of the film.

“Now we will see what it means for dreams to take revenge. Because the system no longer allows me to exist as a citizen that can dream.

Ntina Kafterani, protester, the day after the 3rd Memorandum

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