The Evidence of Things Not Seen


Ja'Tovia Gary


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Director Ja'Tovia Gary
Completed 2017


A troubled young artist goes through the looking glass and discovers trans-generational trauma and mental illness throughout her family tree. But the return journey with her new, adjusted perspective offers opportunity for enriched relationships and possibly, a more serene future.

The Evidence of Things Not Seen is a portrait of one woman’s effort to transcend the trauma of her history. The filmmaker embarks on an intimate journey to explore the relationships with the people closest to her as well as the situations and events, which helped to shape her. From tense meetings with former lovers and estranged siblings to intimate and revealing therapy sessions we learn about the healthy and not so healthy ways in which she attempts to cope. A compelling and non-traditional confessional, the film reveals a glimpse into the life of a woman on a journey to confront the emotional issues that plague her while struggling with addiction and depression. Determined to combat the stigma and shame associated with mental illness and abuse, particularly in the African American community, the filmmaker provides a personal look at a woman determined to redefine herself under tenuous circumstances.

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