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Tristan Patterson
Completed 2011 Runtime 74



"There's a bunch of empty pools and a bunch of f*cked up houses. That's why I'm here. I'm here to skate. But besides skating, I want to go see waterfalls, I want to go see rockslides, I want to go fishing, I want to go in a canoe, I want to get lost in the woods.. But there's no woods here, but we'll find something."

Killer Films presents the transmissions of a lost kid, falling in love, in the suburbs of Fullerton, California. Featuring skateboarding, the usual drugs, and stray glimpses of unusual beauty. Dragonslayer won the Jury and Best Cinematography awards SXSW Festival 2011.

What people
have said

A youth culture backdropped by the crumbling edge of California is rendered with punk rock energy and grace.

Los Angeles Times

Despite a slew of skateboarding films in recent years, each one quite distinct, Patterson's pic arguably comes closest to channeling the culture's punk vibe and youthful abandon, albeit filtered through an outsider's aesthetic.


Gorgeous ... see this one on the big screen if you get a chance.

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