Big Boys Gone Bananas!*


Fredrik Gertten


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Director Fredrik Gertten
Completed 2012 Runtime 88



In April 2009, Swedish filmmakers Fredrik Gertten and Margarete Jangård learned that the world premiere of BANANAS!* - their documentary about a lawsuit against the Dole Food Company - would take place at a major film festival in Los Angeles. Within weeks, they were embroiled in a legal and public-relations battle to save their premiere, their film, their reputations, and their freedom of speech.

While censorship is, sadly, nothing new, its insidious power gains startling immediacy by playing out in front of Gertten's camera. The filmmakers find themselves painted as villains due to Dole's shrewd PR moves - even before their film has been screened. Gertten takes the offensive, filing a countersuit and media campaign of his own to confront Dole’s overgrown-schoolyard-bully tactics.

 As demonstrated over the past several months in actions held around the globe, corporations are being taken to task for their disproportionate political and financial influence. BIG BOYS GONE BANANAS!* is a telling case study of the power of individuals to fight back.

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Partnership engagement around US distribution of the film.

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Compelling and often shocking.

Time Out

A punchy examination of an oppressive corporate machinery in full swing.

Empire Magazine
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