Odin's Raven's Magic

Nick Fenton


Development support


The film of Odin's Raven's Magic is a modern retelling of an ancient Icelandic saga. A visual poem inspired and accompanied by the orchestral piece of the same name written by Sigur Ros.

Taken from the Edda (ancient texts of Norse mythology) the poem depicts a stagnant world stripped of its gods. Using montage storytelling in the tradition of Soviet silent cinema where musical accompaniment and visual trickery combine to create a unique rhythmic syntax.

The ravens, Huginn and Muninn (thought and memory), go out each day to survey the land bringing back information of a ravaged world. Coming home they whisper news of events from afar into Odin's ears so the assembled are unable to hear. As the company feast Odin learns the fate of the universe.

Using the text of the saga we also reveal a parallel contemporary narrative. The ravens bring news of two imaginary countries. The first a small island people who rely on the sea for a living and the second an industrial powerhouse whose agents sail the oceans in search of riches. They share a checkered history. One is a powerful colonial power and for centuries has occupied and exploited smaller, less developed nations exploiting the mineral resources and strategic position of the smaller diminutive people who now attempt to compete in the wider market place developing its own interests at break neck speed.

Solely using archive and found material the film willl recycle drama and documentary from its original context allowing new juxtapositions bringing our story to life.