Just a Band


Wanuri Kahiu and Anjali Nayar


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Four young Kenyans form an afro-futuristic pop band that rides a wave of international acclaim. The unlikely superstars end up being ambassadors for their country. How do they deal with it? They go to Space.

Long Synopsis

In Nairobi, Kenya, four young artists take a break to collaborate on film, design and music – establishing a counter narrative to the lives expected of them.

They artists are a mix of creatives: an animator, a photographer/ filmmaker, a music producer and a graphic designer. And when they are not making music as a band, each has their own thriving career.

This year alone, the band has toured the world and played in some of the most reputed indie music festivals, including South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin and SummerStage in New York’s Central Park.

Having conquered Earth with their musings, the collective embarks on an ambitious new journey to “Space,” by way of an intellectual inter-dimensional portal.

Borrowing on a post-modern cultural mishmash of Sun Ra, Kung Fu Movies, Hip Hop and a thousand other bits of detritus, “Just A Band,” paints a truer picture of urban Africa than you can imagine.