How is Your Fish Today?


Xiaolu Guo


Production support


A young man in southern China has killed his lover.

He starts a lonely escape across the whole country towards his land of wonder, a snowy village at the northern border. Sitting at his desk in Beijing, a scriptwriter is writing that man's story. It is through his characters that his life gains its weight, meaning and freedom. His imagination blurs the boundaries between reality and fiction.

The snowy village lies on the quiet border between China and Russia. Old villagers fish under the ice, school children study English text about America. They endure the long winter nights waiting for the sun to come back.

When the scriptwriter arrives in that mysterious village, he meets his own fictional character, lying on the frozen river at the border, covered in snow. Two men contemplate the icy landscape. One wants to cross the border to see the other side of the world. The other longs to head back to his hometown, which he left so many years ago.

Xiaolu's debut feature doc is difficult to categorise. Documentary bleeds into fiction in a tale about a young man in southern China on the run across country after he murders his lover in a fit of passion.