Driving With Selvi


Elisa Paloschi


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Filmed over 9 years, Selvi defies strict patriarchal traditions when she escapes an abusive child marriage to become South India’s first female taxi driver.


Set in South India, Driving with Selvi follows the courageous young Selvi, on a transformational journey as she discovers her personal power and takes the driver’s seat in the vehicle of her own life.

At age 28, Selvi has already endured many hardships. As an innocent child living in impoverished and desperate conditions in India, she was a victim of the society she was born. Forced into marriage as a 14-year-old, she endured abuse, exploitation and discrimination. But instead of placid resignation to a life of subservience, Selvi chooses a different path and makes the courageous decision to escape her abusive marriage. It is in this choice where hope begins.

Over the following 9 years, Selvi holds steadfast in her determination to rise to the challenge and pursue her dreams - starting her own taxi company, working for a medical outreach organization, getting her license to drive a passenger bus, becoming a wife again and eventually a mother. It is her unwavering spirit and strength of character that pushes her through the hardest of times to much-deserved happiness and success, finding a second chance in life and love.

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