Bukom: the Fighting Spirit



George Amponsah


George Amponsah


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The story of a Ghanaian fishing village, with a proud fighting tradition, which has become a Mecca for finding new boxing talent. The film becomes a &'fish out of water'; allegory as commercial sports interest begins to destroy the conditions that make the town so effective at producing fighters.

Long Synopsis

Testosterone rages as the top three brutal fighters go head to head in a bid to escape Ghana for a life in the glitzy rings of Europe and America and to earn the respect of their tribe.

British-Ghanaian documentary filmmaker George Amponsah received seed funding from the Foundation and went on to find full funding from ITVS. Bukom will screen at a series of independent cinemas in 2008 including a commemorative screening at the Rio to celebrate Ghana Independence Day, and an open air screening funded by The British Council.