Armenia Wants A Piece of the North Pole and the South Pole Too


Vardan Hovhannisyan


Development support


Armenia Wants a Piece of the North Pole… and the South Pole, too! It is a humorous hook film, which will document how Two Armenian comedians claim territory at the North and South Poles, in order to highlight the absurd lengths to which nations go in the service of greed.

Long Synopsis

A Danish explorer proudly plants his nation’s flag on deserted Hans Island. Twenty years later, a Canadian expedition does the same thing. A Russian submersible, 4000 meters below the surface of the Arctic Ocean plants a rust-free, titanium flag at the North Pole.

At the same time, in the South Pole, the Australians are launching the first regular flights, Chile and Argentina are sending pregnant women down to produce native Antarcticans and British are issuing Antarctic postage stamps.

While all big nations are engaged in a mad scramble for resources at the North and South Poles, tiny landlocked Armenia wants a piece of the pie! After all, when the polar ice melts and the world floods, Armenia will be one of the few nations left afloat!

But how can tiny Armenia realize its claim without submarines and an army of scientists able to survive in the cold arctic weather? Armenians have a secret weapon - two comedians, who will try to visualize and solidify their claim for territory.