Since 2020, the Doc Society Climate Story Fund has awarded $1.9M to stories and impact campaigns from around the world that move us closer to a more climate just and biodiverse future.
The Doc Society Climate Story Fund provides up to $100K grants to support completion of production of creative nonfiction projects, and to pilot impact campaigns for completed creative nonfiction and fiction projects that engage audiences who are not typically included in the climate conversation.
The Climate Story Fund
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When future generations look back upon the Great Derangement they will certainly blame the leaders and politicians of this time for their failure to address the climate crisis. But they may well hold artists and writers to be equally culpable – for the imagining of possibilities is not after all, the job of politicians and bureaucrats.

Amitav Ghosh, author
The Great Derangement

We believe investing in culture is a solution to address the climate emergency. We aren’t looking for the silver bullet story that will work for everyone, rather we believe we need a multitude of stories “as diverse as the ecosystems we seek to save” (props to filmmaker Michael Premo for coining this phrase).

Stories that are from, by and about different communities.

Stories that tickle the romantics, comedians, and thrill seekers alike

Stories that forge deep connections with those who have historically been ignored and marginalized by the climate conversation.

Stories that can help see new norms and beliefs and germinate visions of a more climate just and safe future.

Stories that forge deep connections with audiences and drive the ground swell for climate action.

Over the past two years, the Doc Society Climate Story Fund has supported the production and impact campaigns of 27 climate storytelling projects set across geographies spanning from Latin America to Sub Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia. In spite of the continued pandemic, 18 of the projects have completed production and are moving into distribution and activating impact campaigns in collaboration with climate campaigners. Some are reaching their target audiences on public service broadcasters such as the BBC, POV, via digital platforms like Spotify and YouTube, or even messaging applications like WhatsApp. Others are being picked up by streamers including Netflix, Hulu and Disney+. All projects have signed or are negotiating distribution deals that align with campaign goals and potential to engage critical audiences in each context where they are being released.

Here’s a look at some of the Climate Story Fund Grantees:

To learn more about all of the grantees to date, click here.